Dhol Drumming

We provide a class set of authentic dhol drums for this fun workshop to produce powerful and uplifting Punjabi and Bhangra grooves! Participants will learn proper playing techniques and understand the function and history of the dhol drums throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dancers use gestures and movements originating from classic Indian dances to portray a story. Participants will learn how the hand, neck, head and eye movements are all important in this evocative style of dance from the Indian subcontinent


We bring our authentic 30-player Balinese or 30-player Javanese gamelan instruments to every workshop! During this introduction to Indonesian music, participants will find out about the meaning of music with Indonesian culture, the instruments and more.


Balinese Monkey Dance

A fun vocal reproduction of Balinese gamelan music with simple body movements that can be performed whilst seated. Participants are directed to make vocal reproductions of gongs and cymbals to create a piece of music which sounds and looks like a combination of a martial art from the far-east and a primate house! 

Japanese Taiko Drumming

Taiko is an ancient form of drumming originating from China and used over hundreds of years in temples, shrines and cultural festivals in Japan. This highly revered art form is a very group orientated activity and requires discipline, focus and stamina to play.