Based on the model of our Music Teacher Award Finalist Bang the Drum project, and our A New Direction funded Action Research Project, our Online Courses can include Arts Award Discover and each contain enough material up to 2-terms of tuition. The 12-month subscription has unlimited usage so you can use with as many classes as you like!

African Drumming Online Course
95.00 every 12 months

Indian Dhol Drumming Online Course

Available autumn 2019

Brazilian Samba Drumming Online Course
95.00 every 12 months

Cajon Online Course

Available autumn 2019

You can also purchase our online courses by filling out an order form:

Each course includes

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Mentor support

Teacher Packs.png

Full assessments downloads

Log Books.png

Pupil log books downloads

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Teacher manual download


Arts Award Adviser Training for school staff & Arts Award Discover for all participants (optional extras)


Bundle Package Course: includes Facilitator visit at beginning and end of course

Our Online Course is also available as a Bundle Package which includes the following:

  • An Inspire-works Facilitator leads workshops with all participating classes to kick off the course

  • Face-to-face CPD session - the school/setting staff receive specialist CPD training from the Inspire-works Facilitator focusing on technique and classroom leadership skills for this genre

  • The Facilitator returns at the end of the course to lead the participants in a performance

  • The online course is used for all in-between lessons.

This bundle package is ideal and cost effective for music hubs/music services who are booking the course for several schools/settings. The costs for this bundle package vary depending on the school/setting location.


These online courses are ideal for Music Education Hubs who are looking for cost effective ways of teaching WCET at Key Stage 2. They’re not necessarily designed to be replacing a percussion tutor, but work really well for schools that don’t have a music specialist or someone confident enough to lead whole-class drumming lessons.


  • If a Music Education Hub buys more than 5 copies, we will be delighted to offer the Hub a free 2-hour CPD session to give the teachers training on how to use these great online resources and practical whole-class percussion leadership/facilitation training.

  • Inspire-works will provide the Music Hub data detailing what and how each school has used our online resources for the Music Hub’s ACE Data Return.

This offer is only for available for schools via their local Music Education Hub.