We have 15 years of experience leading whole-class world-music and dance workshops in over 10,000 schools and colleges. Our online workshops bring our expert facilitators direct to your classroom for you to use as many times as you need, whenever you want and wherever you are in the world!


Each workshop or course consists of

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A video lesson led by our expert facilitators with content tailored to suit a particular age group


Downloadable class assessments


Online knowledge quizzes and questionnaires to help evidence the learning


Mentor support from our expert facilitators

All you need is


A computer, screen and speakers/smart board


Class set of drums or
percussion instruments


Our online workshops and courses are charged on a 12-month subscription with unlimited access per user so you can use it with as many classes as you like throughout the year!


One-off workshops


First-access courses


1-term course


Brazilian Samba
1-Term course


Certified CPD Courses

Includes mentor support and certification