The rich story-telling tradition in Africa is passed down to younger generations through our African story-telling workshop where participants hear and take part in a variety of authentic stories that reflect the cultures and traditions of this beautiful continent. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to explore through dramatization of the colourful characters, human and animal and take the role of a story-teller. 

This workshop is adapted to be suitable for students from Key Stage One up to Key Stage Five and can tie in literacy and creative writing. 


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Learn a traditional story from southern Africa
  • Discover the historical and cultural origins of the African tradition of story-telling
  • Have the opportunity to portray the different characters and play the role of the story teller
  • Older students will develop their creativity by improvising their own tales
  • Older students will also gain an understanding of the social roles of story-telling in Africa by exploring the morals portrayed in the tale
  • Present to the rest of the group

Access and space requirements

This workshop requires:

  • A parking place for our van/car as close to the venue as possible
  • A hall or large teaching room (preferably on the ground floor)
  • 30 chairs in a semi-circle
  • Our facilitator will need 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to pack away

Suggested length of sessions

Maximum 30 participants per group.

Foundation Stage: 20 minutes per session
Key Stage 1: 30 minutes per session
Key Stage 2: 1 hour per session
Key Stage 3: 1 hour per session
Key Stages 4 & 5: Half day/full day - please contact us.

£375 Full Day (maximum 5 hours)
£275 Half Day (maximum 3 hours)

Plus travel expenses and VAT.