Often described as the sunniest music on the planet, Inspire-works steel pans workshop will give the participants a fun and uplifting experience! Inspire-works provide an authentic steel pans ensemble for up to 30 participants to share! Participants will learn a traditional piece of music from Trinidad, understand the roles of the different instruments and play a variety of patterns and melodies that will develop small and large ensemble playing for any age. 

This workshop is adapted to be suitable for students from Key Stage One up to Key Stage Five.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Learn a traditional piece of music from Trinidad using steel pans
  • Enhance rhythmic and improvisational skills
  • Develop listening skills
  • Develop ability to work in an ensemble
  • Develop confidence through performing to the school or parents*

*performance optional depending on preference of school or group

Access and space requirements

This workshop requires:

  • A parking space for our van with easy access to the room

  • A hall or large teaching room (preferably on the ground floor) which is approximately 25ft x 25ft

  • 30 chairs/benches for 30 children in a semi-circle

Suggested length of sessions

Maximum 30 participants per group.

Foundation Stage: 20 minutes per session
Key Stage 1: 30 minutes per session
Key Stage 2: 1 hour per session
Key Stage 3: 1 hour per session
Key Stages 4 & 5: Half day/full day - please contact us.

£425 Full Day (maximum 5 hours)
£325 Half Day (maximum 3 hours)

Plus travel expenses and VAT.