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south african Gumboot or Balinese Monkey Chant

Our Facilitators will lead all delegates in some energetic South African gumboot dancing or the Balinese Monkey Chant (known as Kecak) that is a fun vocal reproduction of Balinese gamelan music. Both these ice-breakers always create a fun atmosphere and much laughter, leaving the delegates warmed-up and revitalised for the next conference session.

South African Gumboot Groove Ice-Breaker

South African Gumboot Groove Ice-Breaker



Flexible, but usually 5-10 minutes.

Preparation/Set up/Set down time


Suitable for

Conference opener as a warm-up or ice-breaker. Ideal for multi-national audience as little vocal instruction is needed.

Maximum number of delegates

No maximum.


Breakout Workshops

Our Facilitators are all experts in a particular world-music genre and have extensive experience teaching the genre to all ages of children. In our breakout workshops the delegates would learn a traditional piece of music on authentic instruments and be given practical teaching strategies for teaching the genre in the classroom, with or without, authentic instruments. Much of the ethos and philosophy of our CPD Conference Breakout Workshops are based on material in Rhinegold Education’s Teach & Play world music series of teaching resources which are authored by our Musical Director Mike Simpson. Please contact us to discuss the requirements for your workshop.


West African drumming CPD.jpg

West African Drumming

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Brazilian Samba Drumming

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Indonesian Gamelan

What Can I Do With My Music Trolley.jpg

What Can I Do With
My Music Trolley?

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Caribbean Steel Pans