Bollywood dancers use gestures and movements originating from classic Indian dances to portray a story. Participants will learn how the hand, neck, head and eye movements are all important in this evocative style of dance from the Indian subcontinent. This workshop can either work as a stand-alone one-off workshop, or in conjunction with our Indian dhol drumming workshop. Pupils will rotate around the two activities in their classes and then create a Bollywood performance at the end of the day where the drumming and dancing are put together for an exciting and exhilarating performance! 

This workshop is adapted to be suitable for students from Foundation Stage up to Key Stage Five.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Create a piece of dance using a variety of body movements and gestures used in Indian classical dances 
  • Develop creative approaches to movement and performance, tailored to the group’s needs and curriculum demands 
  • Use, and become aware of, the four elements of dance (actions/space/dynamics/relationships)
  • Develop confidence, leadership, communication and social skills through creating and performing together

Access and space requirements

This workshop requires:

  • Participants need to wear P.E. clothing and comfortable shoes such as trainers
  • A large classroom or hall with a large cleared space

Suggested length of sessions

Maximum 30 participants per group.

Foundation Stage: 20 minutes per session
Key Stage 1: 30 minutes per session
Key Stage 2: 1 hour per session
Key Stage 3: 1 hour per session
Key Stages 4 & 5: Half day/full day - please contact us.

£375 Full Day (maximum 5 hours)
£275 Half Day (maximum 3 hours)

Plus travel expenses and VAT.