We partner with several Music Education Hubs to deliver First Access Programmes with all ages of children in Key Stage 2. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss how we could deliver some First Access Programmes with your Music Education Hub.



Based on the model used for our Music Teacher Award Finalist Bang the Drum 2016 project, this West African drumming or Brazilian samba drumming First Access Programme seamlessly blends specialist workshops with video tuition and includes Arts Award Adviser training and Arts Award Discover qualification for all pupils.

Ideal for:

  • Non-music specialist class teachers
  • Small school budgets
  • Schools in rural locations who have financial barriers usually accessing regular practical music programmes
  • Training class teachers as Arts Award Advisers 

Example outline of 10 or 15 week Blended Workshop & Video First Access Programme:

Pre-programme: Arts Award Adviser training for 1 member of school staff

Week 1: Workshop led by an Inspire-works Facilitator & Twilight CPD for all school class teachers involved

Weeks 2-9 or 2-14: Lessons led by class teachers using Class Teacher Lesson Plans and Facilitator Videos.

Week 10 or 15: Inspire-works Facilitator returns to school to rehearse and lead classes in a performance.

Post-programme: Arts Award Discover submissions.


We also offer the following First Access Programmes with weekly/fortnightly facilitator visits:

  • West African Drumming
  • Brazilian Samba Drumming
  • Indian Dhol Drumming
  • Caribbean Steel Pans
  • Indonesian Gamelan

The following length of programme can be selected

  • 1-Term Fortnightly Programme (x5 fortnightly facilitator visits interspersed with x5 class teacher lessons)
  • 2-Term Fortnightly Programme (x10 fortnightly facilitator visits interspersed with x10 class teacher lessons)
  • 1-Term Programme (x10 weekly facilitator visits)
  • 3-Term Programme (x30 weekly facilitator visits)
  • 1/2-Term Programme (x5 weekly facilitator visits)

For all programmes, each class should receive a 45-minute to 1-hour session each week. The sessions should take place in a hall or large classroom (big enough to fit 30-chairs in a horse shoe) on the ground floor. Our facilitator will need access to the room 45 minutes prior to the first session and 45 minutes after the last session each day to set up and pack away.


Arts Award Discover & Explore

Our African drumming and Brazilian samba drumming First Access Programmes (minimum 1 term) include the option of The Arts Award Discover qualification for all participating children. All our Facilitators are Arts Award Advisers.