This dynamic workshop is an introduction to the energetic style of West African drumming. It has proven to be very popular as Inspire-works provides 30 djembe drums to ensure 100% participation for each student. The djembe drum originates from West Africa, in particular Senegal, The Gambia and Mali, and has become Africa’s most popular drum due to its sonorous tonal qualities, hypnotic pulsating sound and the relative simplicity of its playing technique. 

In this workshop, every participant will play a djembe for the full duration of the session and will learn a flamboyant traditional Senegalese piece of music that is an excellent practical introduction to African music. The piece is learnt aurally, as practised in Senegal, and creates opportunities for participants to improvise solos, respond to aural cues and develop their ensemble playing. 

This workshop is adapted to be suitable for students from Foundation Stage up to Key Stage Five.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Learn a traditional West African piece of music using djembes
  • Enhance rhythmic and improvisational skills
  • Develop listening skills
  • Develop ability to work in an ensemble
  • Develop confidence through performing to the school or parents*

*performance optional depending on preference of school or group

Access and space requirements

This workshop requires:

  • A parking place for our van/car as close to the venue as possible
  • A hall or large teaching room (preferably on the ground floor)
  • 30 chairs in a semi-circle
  • Our facilitator will need 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to pack away

Suggested length of sessions

Maximum 30 participants per group.

Please note participants should not wear skirts as the drum will need to be placed between the knees. We advise loose clothing such as P.E. clothing.

Foundation Stage: 20 minutes per session
Key Stage 1: 30 minutes per session
Key Stage 2: 1 hour per session
Key Stage 3: 1 hour per session
Key Stages 4 & 5: Half day/full day - please contact us.

£375 Full Day (maximum 5 hours)
£275 Half Day (maximum 3 hours)

Plus travel expenses and VAT.