We can deliver in your school or setting both one-off and long-term projects with all ages of children from Early Years Foundation Stage to A Level. All our facilitators are specialists in a particular world-music or dance genre and bring full class sets of authentic high-quality music instruments to each workshop.

Any combination of our workshops can be also provided to create our World Music Festival when the participants can experience several different styles of workshops and perform to each other in the festival performance at the end of the day.



Dhol Drumming

We provide a class set of authentic dhol drums for this fun workshop to produce powerful and uplifting Punjabi and Bhangra grooves! Participants will learn proper playing techniques and understand the function and history of the dhol drums throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dancers use gestures and movements originating from classic Indian dances to portray a story. Participants will learn how the hand, neck, head and eye movements are all important in this evocative style of dance from the Indian subcontinent.


We bring our authentic 30-player Balinese or 30-player Javanese gamelan instruments to every workshop! During this introduction to Indonesian music, participants will find out about the meaning of music with Indonesian culture, the instruments and more.

Kecak Monkey Chant (1).jpg

Balinese Monkey Dance

A fun vocal reproduction of Balinese gamelan music with simple body movements that can be performed whilst seated, participants are directed to make vocal reproductions of gongs and cymbals to create a piece of music which sounds and looks like a combination of a martial art from the far-east and a primate house!

Japanese Taiko Drumming

Taiko is an ancient form of drumming originating from China and used over hundreds of years in temples, shrines and cultural festivals in Japan. This highly revered art form is a very group orientated activity and requires discipline, focus and stamina to play.



Samba Drumming

The deep pounding surdo drums with the syncopated over-layered sounds comprised of an assortment of percussive instruments create an amazing carnival sound that will transport the participants to Rio de Janeiro!

Samba Dance

Inspired by the highly flamboyant and visual dances of the Rio-Carnival, participants will learn a piece using classic Brazilian samba movements to then create an exciting and exhilarating Carnival Performance at the end of the day!

Caribbean Steel Pans

Often described as the sunniest music on the planet, our steel pans workshop gives the participants a fun and uplifting experience! We provide an authentic steel pans ensemble for up to thirty participants to share together.



West African Drumming

This dynamic workshop is an introduction to the energetic style of West African drumming. It has proven to be very popular as we provide 30 djembe drums to ensure 100% participation for each student, who will play a djembe for the full duration of the session, learning a flamboyant traditional West African piece of music.


The rich story-telling tradition in Africa is passed down to younger generations through our African story-telling workshop, where participants hear and take part in a variety of authentic stories that reflect the cultures and traditions of this beautiful continent.

South African
Gumboot Dance

This unique style of dance originated in the South African gold mines during the oppressive apartheid laws. As the miners were forbidden to talk to each other during their long spells of work, they used boot slapping as an alternative way to communicate. Outside of the mines this developed into gumboot dancing.


Age Specific

Early Years and Foundation Stage

Our facilitators are passionate about working with Early Years Foundation Stage children and their families. We deliver fun and creative music and movement workshops in nurseries, children's centres and private, voluntary or independent (PVIs) settings which adhere to the standards set in the EYFS Framework.

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Key Stage 2 First Access Programmes

We partner with several Music Education Hubs to deliver First Access Programmes with all ages of children in Key Stage 2. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss how we could deliver some First Access Programmes with your Music Education Hub.

Arts Award
Discover and Explore

Our African drumming and Brazilian samba drumming First Access Programmes (minimum one term) include the option of The Arts Award Discover qualification for all participating children. All Inspire-works facilitators are Arts Award Advisers.


GCSE and A Level Workshops

All our workshops can be adapted to suit current GCSE and A Level specifications such as OCR GCSE Area of Study 3 (Rhythms of the World) and Edexcel GCSE Area of Study 4 (Fusion).

SEN/D Workshops

All our workshops can be adapted for special needs settings. Many of our facilitators have much experience working with SEN/D children. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.